This should be interesting


Obey your master
This weekend is the Republic of Texas Biker Rally here in Austin. It's the 5th largest biker rally in the country. I've gone to the rally 3 years in a row, but not only is this my first rally as an actual biker.... I'm playing outside tonight in the middle of all the drunk bikers! I have no idea what to expect. Should be pretty funny.
Carry a weapon. ;)

I don't need a weapon. Getting hit in the head with a P-bass made out of alder wood hurts pretty dang bad. :D

I've got some on my phone.

It was insane! So many bikes! Gig went well. Best part of the night though was that I got to talk to Russel Mitchell of Exile Cycles. I talked to him for about 5 minutes after our gig. Really cool guy.
*wonders did the air smell like medicine* u know wut i mean...most concerts do, like back in 2000 i went 2 the " Dr. Dre Up In Smoke Tour" ... at the Arrowhead Pond of anaheim(now called Honda Center). I kid you not the whole stadium was murky n dense and reeeekd and it wasnt from smoke machines :| haha