Whatever happened to...


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Stuff comes and goes for no apparent reason, Im curious to see how many are remembered, this is like the funeral but with more of a fun aspect.

First off whatever happened to Caen and Forest maps from ages ago, especially Caen! That map kicked more naughty areas then a nympho on speed! !dodge

i think a few people are remaking caen

I hopw those people include steam, caen was the best map ever. It was the closest you could get to having an open city to play war in :D
yeah theres a few of us working on maps right now, we were gonna remake cean until we found out that someone had already done so, but they did a really bad job and i think we may be re-doing it in the future.
I loved Caen, was a fricken toal sexy map like 150%. Forest was cool too, I liked the sniping spot up against that big pillar where no one could see you at all, but you could see out =] because you were behind the leaves that were invisible while you were inside, but people couldn't see through them... GG Valve, GG... =D.

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