Meet The Leadership - Heidi


Writer: @Snowy | Artist: @DeerFat | Editor: @Kamron | Video Editor: @Kamron | #edgegamers #mtl #community

We are proud to announce that we now have the newest iteration of MTLs going forward! and who better to show off the MTL format than none other than the infamously artistic, wonderful, and encouraging Heidi! Heidi, the Media Senior Manager, has been hard at work and influencing a lot of the content you see throughout the Media Team and EdgeGamers as a whole. If you see Heidi around, make sure to thank her for the work she has been doing.

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Don't worry, be happy!
No doubt Heidi is a producer. Her forum content absolutely stands out. Kudos to you Heidi and thanks for being a part of eGO. P.s., I may be biased because my dog is named Heidi and she's a sweetheart.