New game idea. Just a thought.


Hey I was just rolling this around in my head today. Just gonna see if it sounded cool to anyone else.

I'm thinking of some sort of gladiator, fight to the death type of thing.
Maybe one night we could password one of the servers like we are having a scrim, and then eg's and ego's in the server (along with a few select e's such as myself !lol )
and have everyone join spectator except for 2 people. One on each side. Then proceed to have a certain number of matches, i'm thinking like 3 where you can use any gun except sniper or mg, and whoever kills the other player the majority of however many bouts will advance to the next time it's his turn. Like tournament style. The rest could watch the fun as some of the best eGO's and eG's go mono emono for bragging rights. Obviously we would end up with one last match for the 2 undefeated players. and then crown a Bloodmatch king for however long.

Just a thought. Tell me whatcha think.
Sounds good but that would take too long. I dont think anyone would have the patience to wait and besides I think the best part of the game is the teamwork anyways, my two cents though.
you can use any gun except sniper or mg
Well.....I'm not into it then :) jk, I just suck with all other weapons...expect pistol. It's a great idea, but we should do it with some amount of people on both teams, like 4vs4, this way it would be faster.....but still slow.... teams like Gary,Hugo, Dye and Art vs Blazing Heat, Baron, Thaibob, Trihard should be evened though...meaning the 1st team should be be changed a bit with 2nd for example. Or just have the country/Continent fight we had a talk on one thread.
It sounds kinda cool, but yeah I think 1v1 would be kinda boring for the 50 people waiting to go lol.