I'm bad with PCs and require assitance.

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Ok, so from the looks of this you need a mobo, CPU, ram, and probably a GPU in the near future, potentially PSU if you're adding more into the machine(I.E, SSD's, hard drives, cd burner if you care about that, or more power-hungry components.)
I'll keep this in mind, but you'll probably want to specify a budget that you're either willing or able to spend on this. PC components aren't cheap, especially now. So if you give us a budget, we might be a little more help.

I've got 2 lists, take your pick, if you need more features or specific things, I'll refine it a bit more.
More Performance: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KKgcp2
Moderate Upgrade: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HQNcy4

I'm not going to say "Intel bad", but for the price, the performance isn't that great. If B T has the budget, a Ryzen 5 3600 would be better at nearly the same price point, the ram might be a bottleneck for AMD, but that's an easy upgrade later. Though I do agree with your statement on a GPU upgrade being needed in the near future, though supply is still screwy.

an i5-10600k is definitely faster than a R5 3600. price is pretty much the same.

edit: whoops, didn't see on the second page that you'd already ordered. 3700X is still a good pick, especially for the extra cores for streaming (y)
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Thank you first of all. Second, apparently my PSU has 600W but I do not know what company it is from. Third, if I bought those extra two sticks, would the 2 2400 sticks I have and these 3200 sticks potentially work together well? Fourth, if the Ryzen 7 3700X comes with a wraith cooler, do I really need another one for streaming if I already have fans?

Late to this. The general rule is to buy RAM sets together; not buy separately and put them together. The issue with buying and pairing the two 3200 sticks with the two 2400 sticks is that they will reduce their performance to match the 2400 sticks, assuming they are compatible together in a quad channel array. It's better to either 1) buy a 4x8GB 3200MHz set, or just 2) replace the 2400 set with the new 3200 set and see how it works for you.

The wraith cooler should be fine so long as cooling within the case is good. You upgrade the CPU cooler to improve the cooling if you plan on overclocking, just want that extra cooling safety factor, and/or LED lighting (depending on model).

To figure out the PSU, you'll have to open up the case to find the details on the supply unit, and do a search based on the model number you can find. Maybe you'll get lucky and find out its a good, legit PSU; maybe you'll be out of luck with a generic model. If generic, replace it with a good, reputable PSU. Remember the adage: you pay for quality. And a poor quality PSU that dies on you can take out your whole rig with it. So trying to save $50 on a PSU can end up costing you $500 depending on the parts it burns out (motherboard, RAM, CPU, even GPU can all be taken down by a PSU failure if severe enough).

Edit 2 seconds later: And I just saw your post on what you bought; looks good! Hope you like it!


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Yeah looks good do what the others said. I’m just here to tell you, you should defined wait to buy a GPU. GPU market has been high as hell this past year and a half.


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Hello gamers.

Long story short, I have a prebuilt PC. This is the one I bought.

Since I bought it, I upgraded the RAM to two 8gb Corsair DDR4 2400Mhz sticks, and I added a SSD (860 EVO 500GB), so on that portion, I feel pretty good.

However, I literally cannot run FiveM right now, and sometimes I get random stoppages in gameplay because my CPU suckssssss. It peaks to 100% on FiveM, DBD, Overwatch, and other games. I need a new CPU. I am on the stream team, and knowing that my PC is pooping itself while I stream sucks man.

I had some people help me pick between a new CPU and a motherboard - I should also mention here the CPU fun sucks, so they recommended I get a Ryzen CPU with a wraith cooler that comes with.

They recommended this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dH2HFG

I do not want to pull the plug yet, so I am asking for your guys's advice. What do you think? Should I wait? Should I also get a new GPU - the 480 never goes past 75% usage and feels great.
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