The 2021 Jailbreak Draft


The 2021 Jailbreak Draft - July 10th, 2021

The Purpose
As the 2021 NBA Draft begins creeping up on us, inspired from @Crazy Apple “Warden Showdown” mega thread, I have decided to create The 2021 Jailbreak Draft. The objective of this thread is to determine, from the players, who the BEST REBELLERS are on Jailbreak. So similar to the NBA draft, there will be only 30 players to choose from. If you are interested, and wanna go to the big leagues, simply fill out the forum here so you can be added to the contest. The draft will begin once we have all 30 candidates.

How will this be accomplished?
To get this draft started, we'll need up to 30 participants that would like to be drafted. Upon reaching this number a Google Form will be dropped. This form will include (among a few other things) a list of all 30 of those being drafted. This poll will require you to vote by ranking all 30 players on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best). This poll will remain open for 1 week and the 2021 Jailbreak eGO Draft will be announced on the night of Thursday, July 29th (also the night of the NBA Draft) to inform you of the BEST rebellers in Jailbreak. In addition to the rankings players receive in the form, the amount of CTs the player kills during voting week will have an impact on how they are drafted.
Requirements to be eligible
  1. Have at least 50 hours of playtime on T side on the eGO Jailbreak server​
  2. Good standing in the community (not banned)​
  3. If the number of applicants exceeds allocated spots, will choose the more active players​
  4. If your profile looks like this I'll probably ignore you​
  5. Have some sort of clip showing off your skills (optional)​
The Result
  • From this competition, the number 1 draft pick will officially be considered The Best Rebeller in Jailbreak.​
  • I may give you 1 or 2 dangerzone cases​
Additional Information
  • Want to show off why YOU should be the #1 draft pick? Post a highlight!​
  • Has the competition already started and you’re interested in joining? Don’t worry fella, you can still be picked up by a team as a free agent!​
  • Make sure to @ people who you believe would be interested in this competition. The more participants the more accurate the draft will be!​
List of Rebellers declared for the Draft.



wait so like players who are in the sign up try to get ct kills, and the one with most amount win or somin? i signed up without reading LMAO


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as a alumnus, ill let the rookies have this one



forreal though, go participate. seems fun


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