June Community Spotlight Winner


June Community Spotlight Winner

This edition of Community Spotlight showcases one of our most dedicated users within our community. This individual has been referred to as one of the best admins in eGO. Here are some quotes from our members;

"sopheyy lowkey one of the best admins of eGO, super friendly, super active, very helpful and an absolute wonderful person to be around."

"sopheyy has held an example of what being an admin means for many many years. Being the example that fellow admins strive for. Knowing when to let the hair down, but also knowing when to get down to business; she is always the first person to help someone out, whether that is a community member, or fellow admin. She is kind, fair, courageous in her statements, and a true spotlight worthy member."

"sopheyy is a smart, strong, and capable individual. Their knowledge and experience in Counter-Strike is inimitable."

"Genuinely a very friendly and welcoming person that makes the servers more enjoyable."

"When I was new to the eGO community sopheyy was always very supportive in walking me through the basic rules and how to do things. Even now when I've gotten to know my way around things, sopheyy doesn't stop having a positive influence on my gaming experience."

Please join us in congratulating @sopheyy on winning the June Community Spotlight.

@heidi | Writing: @Divine @Andrew | Video: @Kamron @heidi

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