Meet Our Artists!


Meet Our Artists!

Here in EdgeGamers, Media Team ensures that the front page is filled with unique content for you to enjoy. Our artists display their hard work for you all to view on each one of our Breaking News posts. Without their skills, we would not have such a diverse amount of imagery for you to admire. We wanted to give our artists a chance to display to you their own expressive artwork. This is the art they enjoy creating outside of EdgeGamers.

Untitled_Artwork (26).png






smaller size cat.gif




Our artist's hard work is not overlooked, and we hope you enjoyed their creations. Thank you artists for all of your contributions to EdgeGamers!
Media Team is always looking for more artists to assist EdgeGamers with their talent! If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in being an artist we highly encourage you to apply here.


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a bunch of talented artists here...

but you know whats missing?

more artists... i highly recommend if your artistic to join the art team for media, it's ran by a pre-cool senior manager, who gives great feedback on your work!