Open GTA Towing and General Vehicle Suggestions


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While I know towing has been a topic of conversation I also think that an interesting idea would be to have a selection of vehicles that are capable of towing, such as large bed trucks or mid/large size trucks with tow hitches so that it could offer players an interesting way to tow around their own vehicles as well as offer a level of personality to certain businesses with a choice of a company vehicle. On top of that, I have gotten varied info on this, but I do think that PDM and Sunrise need to have a better selection of vehicles, and look at Vanilla Vehicles in the mid-price range instead of the lowest range and the highest range. For example mid to medium-high price range could be Dominator, Kuruma, Futo, Coquette, Blista Compact, Gauntlet, Gauntlet Hellfire, Zombie Chopper/Bobber etc. It would offer a nice range for people who either want something sporty or something customizable (or both) so that they can imprint themselves on their car and give it a personality. While I don't think "CUSTOM" cars are necessary for RP having a better choice for Vanilla Vehicles could create interesting conversations and help people give their character more "character" with their tuned rides. :)
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