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Hello.... forgiving me my english and grammar suck so try bear with me.

:! Idea for 3rd server map... or too late? :!
i dont know if offical map has select yet. I has been play other map on other server. I think you guys should try it. I really like it better than all other map. i mean ALL! The map called Outpost. I would have send you guys copy map if i knew how to get it out my map list and send you... Can i? I has been spend my many hour there. Til server owner decide make 24/7 hour ava there so i stop play there and look for other server as far i never able to find it !sad I hope you guys will let everyone try it before decide

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Well, we are still testing i believe so maybe we can throw it into the rotation a time or two to see if we like it :)


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sounds cool i will find it online and try it out...

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itd be cool along with the other maps in rotation

btw how long are each maps? cause when i typed in "timeleft" when the server switched maps it was 360 or so minutes??? or just when a vote or admin changes it?