3rd Server Ping

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Mine usually hangs around 78 on the new server, while its normally 90-110 on the others. <3


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thats odd, considering they are all based in the same area. All servers are located in Frisco, Texas. So you should have roughly the same ping to all of the servers. (maybe within 10-15)


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Since I'm not to far from where all 3 are located, I get ~30 on all of them (unless RoadRunner is messing up).


Out of all 3... the new server is the highest ping for me...
oh well... i play the same on it


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around or under 30 for me on all 3....lowest ive ever seen on one of our servers was 15 on ava
Physical Distance from the server really doesn't have anything to do with how good your ping is. It's more a result of how many hops your packets have to make to get from your machine to the server, and back.

Using tracert, I found that I have 10 hops to the new server, with most pings being 25ms or less, but one up at 55.

That's relatively few hops and all of the routers appear to be pretty healthy (overloaded or less capable routers will show higher ping times).


Since all the servers are in the same location, why would the hops differ?
Or are they? ( same server company, different server locations )
newer or older servers? Same location different backbone? Hmm
The gamers need to know