Recognizing Inkery


Recognizing Inkery

I come today with quite the bit of news. To be honest, this came as a surprise but I am extremely happy and excited for the circumstances surrounding the news.

Inkery has been the driver of many extensive story arcs for many of our characters on our roleplay server. I believe you all would agree with me that without him, many of our characters wouldn't be who they are today. I can confirm this 100% as my character wouldn't had to gun down a handcuffed man in the middle of a hospital amid police lockdown if it wasn't for Inkery's drive to see stories and roleplay reach a pinnacle.

We've been fortunate to have someone like Inkery around for the last few years to keep us on our toes, keep us wanting more, keep us expecting the unexpected and ultimately keep us coming back for more because of his welcoming nature. This not only impacts roleplay but it impacts the growth of our server as I mentioned above. He's not only built a community of role players but built a leadership team who works together to provide the best experience possible for the player base. I greatly appreciate his contributions since joining us in 2018.

Effective immediately Inkery will be resigning from his post as Community Manager and stepping into an advisory role as Sr. Manager. Inkery provided us with the amazing news that he has a fantastic career opportunity ahead of him that will take up the majority of his time outside of EdgeGamers. With this, he did not want to do an injustice to the community by holding a position that he wouldn't be able to give his 100% to. It made most sense to Inkery, the Sr Managers and myself for him to stay on in this advisory capacity to continue to contribute towards the success of our server as a Sr Manager. I commend and respect his decision and am very excited to hear of his growth outside of eGO. Thankfully, this isn't goodbye but instead an opening of the next chapter in the story.

What does this mean for FiveM in EdgeGamers. Fortunately, under the leadership of Aidan, Oblixion and Inkery, they've built a leadership machine that is well oiled and continues to move along no matter the circumstances. The leaders responsible for FiveM will continue to do as they have been and work collectively to deliver you all the best gaming experience possible. Aidan and Oblixion will co-lead the team just as they have been and fall back on Inkery for valuable guidance where needed. Both myself and GardenGroveVW will provide Community Management support on the Operational & Technical fronts in the interim.

Thank you Inkery for serving the FiveM community greatly as a Community Manager. We're excited for what's next for you professionally and in-game.

Art: @heidi | Writing: @Legend

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Echo Effects

Although you're not leaving - you were a damn good community manager so I'm going to miss you being in that position.