[TF2] Control Point Chaos! | August 4th, 2021


[TF2] Control Point Chaos! | August 4th, 2021

Hiya! Let's do some Control Point, classic stuff! This event will fluctuate based on how many players are attending, between control points and KOTH. All this and more at Control Point Chaos!, on August 4th, 2021!

Event Date
: Wednesday, August 4th, 2021
Event Time (ET): 9:00 PM
Event Server IP:

ARF! I wanna do some Control Point! Let's do so, with some classic maps, with proceeding choices being voted on! Standard settings, no instant respawn, etc. The usual settings on our servers, you all know 'em!

PastryFoxy (foxy me!) will be coordinating this event. Please forward your questions to me or any of your TF2 Leadership! We hope to see you there, capping points or kinging the hills!


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