Silkroad Online a free/Asian-themed/rpg/pvp/online game


i found this game clicking on random links and its pretty fun, only started today for bout 20 minutes though !dodge it has pretty good graphics for a free/Asian-themed/rpg/pvp/online game :D heres the link its really fun, can be a thief and sell stuff on the black market and steal ppl's stuff<----i'm a thief, or many other things :D well heres the link and if you download it it takes a while :|

heres a in-game screenshot of it

check out :D


and im guessing this is some sort of clan %-6

oh and im new so i barely know 1/10 of the game
just a reminder incase you guys be thinking im a pro at this game :D
hmm... i think they upgraded it since then dye, i saw ppl that were like level 70 and 80 while exploring
see the 1st picture above, the guy is level 15
if you guys want, I can help make a guild, but I already have one, HuPhlungPu or something like that if u wanta join it and a lvl 36 char and a lvl 22 char.
The MMORPG craze has passed me by and I don't intend to catch up to it. They just aren't fun. Go kill monster X. You killed monster X, you get this bacon skillet and 100XP. Now go get this spellbook by killing Wizard Z. You have returned the spellbook, here is some bacon to use with your skillet so you can increase your bacon skill and 200XP. Stuff like that over and over and over. No thanks.
i remember this game...

and yes, this is the cheap mans version of world of warcraft meets morrowind (sort of). its fun, but it kinda gets aggravating...but now that youve mentioned this im gonna have to re-download it and start it up again...cause now i want to play it...darn you..
i played silkroad for like a week then i couldn't take the lag now i just play 9 dragons which lags to. Although with mmos you def. get what u pay or not pay for. WOW is a lot more polished and refined
that is true, you do get what you pay or do not pay for, but WoW isnt worth the $15 a month in my book...its just not THAT interesting..maybe like..5 bucks a month...
Last I heard it was a total chore trying to get into any of the servers and that if you managed to it would lag like the brain of a druggy.