Buster Manager Promotion


Buster Manager Promotion

Buster has gone above and beyond the call of duty within Overwatch. After he was brought up to admin, Buster immediately stepped up to the plate within the EC program. Later when asked if he could help with AT he jumped at this opportunity and has excelled. Buster has been an immense help to the team and is more than deserving of this promotion to Manager. Being a leader is more than just doing work or following rules. It is being able to step up and take charge, and Buster has proved his ability to do so over the last few months. He has been a key factor to the growth of the Overwatch Discord and we thank him for his hard work and dedicated. I may not be the best with words, but with that being said please join me in congratulating @Buster on his promotion to Manager over Admin Training within Overwatch.

@Wish | Writing: @Star


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