[TF2] Map Madness Monday! | August 30th, 2021


[TF2] Map Madness Monday! | August 30th, 2021

Alrighty! Let's welcome a new EC around here, Hero! This will be his first event, so he'll be running the show here! His debut will be on August 30th, 2021!

Event Date
: Monday, August 30th, 2021
Event Time (ET): 5:00 PM
Event Server IP:

It's going to be a crazy day on Monday! It's my first event so we'll see how it goes! We'll have an assortment of weird/wacky maps to play during this event, so have fun and hold onto your scatterguns!

@Hero will be coordinating this event! Please forward your questions to him or any of your TF2 Leadership! We hope to see you there, rockin' his debut and wackin' those maps askew!


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