A thank you to Power Outlet


A thank you to Power Outlet

I don't frequent these parts...nor have I ever played Destiny 2. I still have no idea how this game even works. My best guess is a space game with really high saturation of colors. Am I close?


I stop by to express gratitude to Power Outlet for the work he has done growing our presence in Destiny 2 and making an exciting place to connect with gamers. A lot of work has been put forward by Power Outlet since accepting the Community Manager rank just under a year ago. The obvious can be seen in the community built within our Destiny 2 Discord, but many aren't aware of the work that he contributed to behind the scenes.

Power Outlet is an individual who would without hesitation step up to assist in any area of our community. If there was a task to be completed, typically Power would be the first volunteer to see it through to the end. He also wasn't hesitant to make his voice heard and this is why he was a strong leader and effective Community Manager a part of our team. Power has notified the Community Management team of his departure from our team to step back into a Senior Manager role. This will alleviate some of the demand of his time on community wide tasks and allow him the opportunity to still focus Destiny 2 while still building the Leadership team within it to be the best that they can be.

I believe I can accurately speak on behalf of the entire Community Management team when I say that his thoughts and opinions will certainly be missed at our level, but we're lucky to still maintain him in a Leadership capacity moving forward. We appreciate all of the work that he has done and will continue to do for Destiny 2 and EdgeGamers.

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Thank you for all your work Power!
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One of my best friends in the community, thanks for your time as CM.

Shoutout to Jubbs