I cant carry Manager Promotion


I cant carry Manager Promotion

The Member Services team would like to announce the promotion of an individual who has grown and excelled in their time within the community. He has proven time and time again that he is a team player, jumping into a conversation whenever another head was needed. His flexibility and cool-headedness has helped in innumerable situations. His passion for the people around him shines on. And we say, "Shine on, you crazy diamond."

It is with great pleasure that we announce @I cant carry's promotion to manager. We thank you for both your passion and your team-player mindset.
We are proud to have him stand alongside the team in providing a better community.

@I cant carry will join Member Services Leadership in performing general functions and logistics, in addition to taking a supporting role dealing with the application system.

Please send him many memes and congratulations. Thank you.

Art: @Buster | Writing: @Architect of Life


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