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The new server is a dual Opteron 246 server w/ 2 GB RAM, 2.5 TB of game transfer per month, 2 x 160 SATA 10K RPM HDD, etc.etc. running on Fedora Core 3.

On the same Data Center in Texas but we bumped up to their Premium Connection :)

Thanks Deacon :)
I just put the new Game Monitor in my sig. We are ranked at 780 atm. Lets see how long it takes to climb back to 80 (where we were before the switch).
Yep, we were down for about a day and now traffic is where it was pre-switch and pre-update.

Nice to hear. I remember we lost our Charlie server for like 3 days, and it could never be revived.

Speaking of which, we need a source port of dod_charlie
I like it too...but it's slowed for ping goes over 200 now :( ping raised by 50-70...oh well ^^ Now I have an excuse to being owned ^^
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