One Year of Overwatch


One Year of Overwatch

On October 3rd of 2020, a post was made in the Overwatch sub-section of the forums to announce our new public Discord server specifically for Overwatch. Within just a year, this Discord gained an active player base, tons of new staff, and has surpassed 1.6k members. If you went back to September of 2020 and had told me Overwatch would have taken off like this, I would have laughed at you. Yet, here we are today one year later.

In celebration, the Overwatch Leadership Team has some MASSIVE announcements and overhauls to the Discord we would like to share with you all.
First and foremost, we'd like congratulate the following users on their promotions to eG and eGO!

eG (1).png




Discord Overhaul
We are excited to announce we are overhauling the Discord! All of our art has been redone, we have restructured our server, and we have some awesome new features. Please bare with us as we work on transitioning all of our new art and features over. We hope you all love it as much as we do.

New Look
We decided to transition away from the darker color scheme we have and move onto something more vibrant! All of our embeds, ads, and other artwork have been redone to match this new and cleaner style.


We have added loads of new channels and removed some old ones! We have redone our LFG channels, voice section, and have made a new spot for donator voice channels.
We have removed all of the old quickplay and competitive voice channels and replaced them with join to create channels. Whenever you connect to these channels it will create a brand new quickplay or competitive VC!
We are doing the same thing with the LFG channels, a more in-depth guide on how they will work can be found in the new #LFG-Guide channel.

The roles have been updated to better reflect our special teams (EC/RC/AT). EC and RC will now display under the Specialty Teams role and AT will be displayed as Moderator. eG/eGOs will now be displayed alongside our members with a badge to signify their rank in chat.
Introduction of a new role called Donator (DS only) that must be requested via a ticket. This will allow users to request a semi-permanent channel that they will have access to edit.

- Role Badges!!
- DS specific semi-permanent voice channels
- Join to create LFG voice channels
- Join to create Competitive/Quickplay voice channels
- Calendar (soonโ„ข)


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congratulations on promotions! feels like just yesterday when overwatch was formed. Nice job wish, buster, bt, and the rest of the ow team!


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new music bot for server voters, boosters, and dedicated supporters

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