[September 2021] nonya

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Poster Extraordinaire

September Member Community Spotlight Winner!

This edition of Community Spotlight showcases one of our most dedicated users within our community. This individual has been referred to as one of the best admins in eGO. Here are some quotes from our members;

"Nonya is a nice guy, I've enjoyed talking to him a lot past few months"

"He's done so much in the past 3 months, I never saw or heard of him before I took a break. But when I came back I got to know him and he's done a lot of good stuff like becoming head server specialist and his recent event week was a lot of fun."

"Great personality and brings positive vibes to EVERYTHING!"

"Has been very helpful on Jailbreak and has put together really fun events that I feel benefited both the jailbreak server and the community. Has always been very friendly in-game and just a good player and admin in general. I definitely feel like nonya deserves the spotlight this time around."

"This man nonya is the best at event coordinating. Mane nonya week was poggers"

Please join us in congratulating @nonya on winning the September Community Spotlight.

@Thorium | Writing: @Divine

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Not open for further replies.