Member Relations Information Center


Member Relations Information Center

What is Member Relations?

Member Relations is a group under the Member Services Team that is all about bridging the gap between LE to Admins and Members, fostering transparency and accountability, and working towards a better future for eGO

Member Relations Roster

The Member Relations Team Consists of the following members:

Hello! I’m 3dsam1, the Team Lead for Member Relations. I joined eGO back about 3 years ago now, and made my way up as a Leadership Member for Member Services, before creating this team back in February. If you have questions about Member Relations, Member Services, or the community in general, Feel free to reach out! My DM’s are always open, I am also always down to just talk or game.

Hi! I’m 4g0tt3nSou1. I have been part of eGO for 4 years now. I quickly found this to be a welcoming place to game. eGO has given me countless hours of enjoyment, and I made it my mission to give back to the community by being EC, Admin, & part of Member Relations. My goal is to continue giving back to eGO as it has given invaluable experience to me and to help it evolve as time moves forward. I am always on discord, and active on the forums, so if you need anything or want to play a game, HMU!

Karma - MS (CS:GO)

Hey! I'm Nik, I've been in EdgeGamers for over 10 years now. My goal in member relations is to help EdgeGamers be the best online gaming community and one that is welcoming of everyone. You may not see me in games as much as some of the other members here, but I'm always available on Discord and I'm active on the forums and TeamSpeak.

Hola! I’m sopheyy. I am literally the biggest people person you will ever meet. I live to see others succeed and if I can assist that by either helping or teaching, I will move mountains to do so. “How can I help?” - Max Goodwin, New Amsterdam

Hello! I’m TinyMuffinLord. I’ve been playing on the CSGO servers for over 5 years and enjoy the unique player interactions and scenarios. My goal in Member Relations is to ensure concerns relating to the community are met and communicated. I will always be trying my best to help you!

Forums | Discord

@3dsam1 | (3dsam#3179)

@Nik | (@ComradeNik#0001

@4g0tt3nSou1 | (4g0tt3nSou1#1337)

@TinyMuffinLord | (YeOldeTime#2790)

@Karma | (Кaяma#6969)

What Does Member Relations Do?

Member Relations focuses on building communication between the Members, Admins, and Leadership of the community, we do this through multiple different things such as:

Member Relations hosts monthly meetings with our members to address changes that could help connect our members, administrators, and leadership team. These meetings are an open platform where members would be able to discuss issues and suggestions regarding the community. With the hope of anonymity, Leadership, other than the Member Relations Team Lead, are not able to attend these meetings. A synopsis of the meeting would be pushed to leadership members after the meeting has been concluded. These notes will be available if anyone wishes to see them. After the meeting, the member relations team will get together to discuss the issues that the members brought up, determine possible solutions to the issues, and then send these solutions to the appropriate people.

The Member Relations team will also occasionally speak with members and admins requesting to leave the community to hopefully determine if any issues caused them to leave, and how the team can potentially resolve said issues.

Why was Member Relations Created?

This is probably the biggest question in regards to Member Relations. Why was such a team created?

The idea behind the Member Relations team is to provide another avenue of communication between the members, admins, and Leadership of the community. By hosting meetings, we allow members to have an open floor discussion where issues are brought up and then directed to the Leadership team to be solved. By doing so, we help eGO realize issues that may not have been known to the leadership team, which allows the community to continue to grow in a positive environment. Additionally, Member Relations was created with the hopes of raising Member Retention by allowing members to realize that issues brought up are taken seriously and that we do wish to better the community.

How can I join Member Relations?

Member Relations is open to any O-level admin, with at least 1-month of experience of being a full admin. This is a team that is secondary to the normal game groups, and as such, you can be a part of Member Relations while still being in a different game & Specialty team.

If you would like to help out with Member Relations please send me either a message on the forums, or discord (3dsam#3179) with the following questions answered:

1) What game is your primary game?

2) How often do you play supported games?

3) How long have you been an O-level admin?

4) Do you have a microphone?

5) Are you comfortable speaking in front of groups?

6) What is your Discord ID (E.x: Name#0000)

Member Relations Update Tracker!

You Asked, We Listened. Member Relations is all about bridging the gap between LE to Admins and Members, fostering transparency and accountability, and working towards a better future for eGO. Member relations rely on you, yes, you! We are nothing without the community's trust, and if you can't trust us, we are doing the community a disservice. To help keep MR accountable and transparent about just how we benefit EdgeGamers, we implemented a suggestion that was given to us at our last meeting, and that is an Update Tracker that shows you what progress we've made on addressing your concerns, discussions, or suggestions. This issue tracker is public for anyone to see, no sign-up necessary, and absolutely no hidden areas. You are also free to join the board as an observer, which allows you to interact with us in the comments on the subjects we are working on.

So, where is it?

We have elected to use Trello, which is a popular tool for Project Management, Issue Tracking, Development, and Organization tool, which fits our needs quite nicely. You can find it at This Link.

As this is an EdgeGamers resource, ALL eGO rules MUST be followed.

Will my Privacy and Anonymity be observed?

The Trello itself is public-facing, so if you have any hesitation to attach yourself to the subjects there, do so at your own risk. We ALWAYS will keep details of who-said-what anonymous when it comes to the meetings and any private outreach we do. Any identifying info will NEVER be present in the cards or documents. If you afterwords decide to comment on the Trello, we cannot hide that info you post; so if that is a concern, keep that in mind. You of course are always free to reach out to any of the Member Relations Team in private or attend those meetings where we can provide such.

How Detailed is this Update Tracker?

Each card contains who is working on what subject, a brief description of the subject, a checklist to mark the progress of our typical workflow, tags to show where we are in the process, and a comment section to interact in. We will also be posting updates to a given subject in the comment section, so that you may receive those updates as we update them.

Will updates be posted on the forums as well?

Yes. We will be posting Bi-Weekly updates on changes to any of the subjects provided. This will be a summary of any changes that are made on the Update Tracker. You can find these posts in a thread in General Chatter, Pinned. The post itself will likely be locked, replies will just be the updates provided, Watch the thread to receive forum notifications when we post such an update, and of course, feel free to check the Trello at your pleasure.

@Bluelava101 | Writing: @3dsam1

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