DoD Admin Recruiters needed!!

DoD Admin Recruiters


The Day of Defeat Admin Recruiters are looking for members. What are the Admin Recruiters? As expressed by our resident wordsmith Wintermute,

“In my mind, the recruiters of any particular organization are some of the most dedicated and important members. We represent, in no uncertain terms, the best eGO has to offer. This is because of the nature of our position. We act as a standing PR office, as well as an information booth, and directory. We maintain professionalism, maturity, and personality to a degree that is unrivaled in the clan. Our position demands that we put ourselves into the spotlight on a daily basis, with almost no privacy and almost too much responsibility. It is our job to, and I hate this term, “sell” eGO. In order to do this, people have to like us, like our system, like our hierarchy, and like our servers.”

For more details, please go to the thread. If you are interested in joining, please apply using the method given there.
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