Thanking Arbiter


Thank You Arbiter

Today, we say thank you to the efforts of Arbiter. After being promoted in early 2019 he came in full steam ahead with an energy and attitude that would propel him into a Director of Operations position. Many members and leaders had the opportunity to interact with Arbiter and experience his charisma first hand. Whether it be leading an EdgeGamers initiative or just gaming, he would always come with a unique excitement that many enjoyed being around. We certainly wouldn't be the organization we are today, supporting the games we currently are, without his drive. Arbiter has departed from his responsibilities on the Community Management team and his post as Director of Operations. We appreciate everything he's contributed over the last few years and wish him the best of luck moving forward.

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Poster Extraordinaire
Community Manager
Thanks for your time Arbiter, appreciate all the effort you put in to the community and being an absolute chad.


Media Team Fiend
Absolute madlad, when I first met Arby on CS he was nothing but respectful and welcoming. The amount of dedication Arbiter had to this community is immeasurable, thank you.


All you had to do was follow the D*** Train, CJ
Arbiter, You have done such amazing work for eGO, work that lots might never know was your hand, but it touches everyone regardless. A truly great Director, Good luck with whatever comes your way, I hope that you stick around eGO! Thank you so much for everything!