October Community Management Newsletter


Community Management Newsletter | October 29th, 2021

Welcome to the very first Community Management Newsletter! The goal of these newsletters is to inform our player base what the Community Management team is working on and to help better communication. Most of the work done by the Community Management team is behind the scenes, however every month our goal is to bring some of these projects to light!

- What is the Community Management Team? -
The Community Management team oversees the day-to-day operations for EdgeGamers' on a global scale. Each Community Manager oversees and represents a certain aspect of our community, providing guidance and direction to meet the necessary goals for EdgeGamer's success and are entrusted with guiding the general direction of EdgeGamers.

- Ongoing Projects -
The Community Management team has quite a few projects underway. Some of these projects are not ready to be distributed to the public yet, so please bear with us as we continue working on them. However, we do have some exciting news to share with you all!

The Return of Clan Wide Meetings
Clan wide meetings will be making a return in the upcoming months! The Community Management team is hard at work making preparations and outlines for our new clan wides. We hope you all are excited as we are, so be on the lookout for a post regarding their return.

Discord Overhaul
It is no secret our main Discord needs an overhaul. The CM team alongside our tech team and a team composed of admins have been making the final preparations in order to overhaul our main Discord. You can expect more news about this before the end of this year!

Genshin Impact
The Community Management team has been working closely with @kyle?? and @Katsabriii to oversee EdgeGamers expansion into Genshin Impact. An official Discord has been launched, which you can check out here!

PLEASE NOTE, this is not a completed list of all of our ongoing projects! As more and more things get finalized, we will share new information with you all!

- Leadership Promotions -
All leadership promotions are discussed and decided upon by the CM team. The following is a list of all leadership promotions that the Community Management team has processed in the past three months.
Member Services​
Grand Theft Auto​
@I cant carry - Manager​
@Erk - Manager​
@Left - Manager​
@Kaden - Manager​
@Buster - Manager​
@Logic - Com. Mgr​
@FirezFury - Director of Operations​
@Divine - Com. Mgr​
@OogaBooga - Manager​
- Manager​
@gabby - Manager​
@Gabe - Com. Mgr​
@Wish - Asst. DOO / CM for Member Experience​
@Jynx - Sr. Manager​
@Jimothy Buckerton
- Manager​
@Star - Com. Mgr​
@Oblixion - Com. Mgr​

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Editor: @Jynx

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