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Although I don't go to the same high school I once did, there will always be one thing that stands out in my memory as the thing I hated the most (and I hated almost everything about that school). That thing was PE. It was mainly because of my teacher, Mr. Bakey. The man was a jerk with some serious anger issues and a case of complete retard disease. Needless to say, I wasn't his best student. I'm of average height for my age, but I am very thin and not the toughest dude around, so I despise sports and athletics. This just didn't fly in Mr. Bakeys book. His view on the world was that all males were required to like sports and athletic activity and have an IQ no greater than that of a tree stump and all females were supposed to be brainless, pretty bimbos for all the athletes to treat like objects. I don't fit this description in that I have an IQ of 140 but can't do athletic activity to save my life. He picked on me. Lots. He would make me do the demonstrations in front of the class when a new game was introduced knowing that I probably would fail at it. Badly. I was also the butt end of his jokes. He whent out of his way to make fun of me and ridicule me for being the only kid in the class who wasn't in any organized sport. On top of that, he pretty much encouraged many of the athletes in the class to make fun of me. I would be pushed to the ground, roughed up, and verbally abused by these future drive through employees and when I tried to get him to do something about their behavior he merely ignored it. And the school didn't even look into it when I told them about how he treated me. But last week he got what he had comming. Karma found him. A higher level administrator saw him tell a kid who is very much like me to "stop being such a little b*tch". He almost lost his job and was put on leave while the higher-ups decided to fire him or not. They never got the chance. He got into a massive car wreck the next day and is now brain damaged. I'm not happy, but I do think he deserved what he got. Has anyone else ever had massive problems in PE class like this? I hope he is just one nut-job in a million, but I could be wrong.
Interesting story there... My PE teachers were fine. I was always the person that convinced them what we should do that day. Id be like hey mr childs, today is a great day for dodge ball! Then he would go get them and we would play.
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Interesting story there... My PE teachers were fine. I was always the person that convinced them what we should do that day. Id be like hey mr childs, today is a great day for dodge ball! Then he would go get them and we would play.
[/quote1180928698] PE teachers liked me and i volunteered for the demo's lol. Same here Nanna
i have only had one and he was good even to the kids that werent good he didnt go out of his way to help but he wouldnt make them do stuff that they didnt want to do or put them in bad situations
i never took PE in high school cause in my district if you were in band, that counted as your PE credit (which i loved thoroughly). but my band director did have a wierd sense of humor. if there was something different about you he would make fun of it. and he also had his favorites that he made fun of a lot, sometimes many times a day.
wow. I never had an experience like that in PE. But I have had some weird P.E. teachers. For example, in 6th grade, I had an 87 year old female pe teacher that had hair past her knees. The scary part was that her bumpy round face looked like a basketball and she was extremely fit and BUFF. She was very mean too, but not in the same way was Awesome Dude's teacher. As for P.E. in high school, I had to take P.E. on top of Marching band. We had no exeptions. On a positive note, it made us stronger and helped to develop stronger cores (not corps)
Brain damage is a stiff penalty to pay for being an alphamale, but I see where youre coming from. Dont sweat the high school stuff. In ten years most of those kids will feel bad about things they did to you and they probably hate the teacher also. Also. you may be in for substantial physical growth in the near future. I was a bit lanky in high school myself and started to grow as an upperclassman, in height at least, and filled out in my early twenties to 6 feet and 215 lbs. So you never know, you could be tossing dudes around in gym yourself.
my PE teacher in 7th grade was fat lol.... and he made us touch our toes alot.... there was more girls in my class than guys.... I don't like my science teacher i have now... he keeps saying to go over to his house and fish... and seems very mean to most of the girls in my class.... he also gave extra credit to anyone who gave him a school pic.....
Man, sounds like you guys had it rough, move to Avon, the teachers dont care here lol. But then we are a 5 star school system and ranked 3rd in the state for academics !dodge
There seems to be a bit of a "thing" in america about P.E. The teachers must be seriously idiotic. I suppose we don't have to play American Football in Britain so you don't need to be that buff and my class never ended up playing rugby. So I did fine in any other sports left such as football (soccer), hockey (not ice), basketball. Though I could not swim in high school for some reason, though as soon as I left I was fine. Plus my teacher was great and there weren't too many idiots in my P.E class.

Ul that you had a bad time, I think it depends on what you teacher and class is like.
I'm very thin, tall and not athletic, hated sports(no more P.E in HS :) ) but still got 8/10 always, our teachers were great teachers, always stood up for the weak ones, and always were strict on rules to everyone.
Dude Gym is sweet when it's the softball unit. It's the closest thing to baseball we do in gym, which is my favorite sport.
For the exam in PE we have to run a mile in a sertain time to get a good grade.... my fat butt cant run so the exam always brought my final grade down
in like 5th grade my PE teacher tried to pick a fight with me and i "accidentally" punched him in the face and ran away from home lol i got caught and i had to do a bunch of crap for the school and then they decided to kick me out anyway lol its alright cuz the next week we moved to arizona haha there i met my new PE coach, a gay one, lol it sucked so bad...ahhhhh
We always played dodgeball in the winter and it was like a total massacre! We had this one little girl that would go cower over in the corner and we would bean her lol. But if I was on the same team as her I would try and protect her. It was like a scene from gladiator with all the yelling and chaos though.

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