Director of Operations and Community Management Promotions


Director of Operations and Community Management Promotions​

The Community Management team held an emergency Community Meeting on Friday, October 29 to release a handful of exciting announcements. If you weren't able to attend there's a lot of news to get you caught up on.


FirezFury, Director of Operations
Our longest tenured Community Manager who has been with the community since 2008, Firez has contributed in many areas. Starting in Minecraft as a Community Manager in 2016, Firez led the charge in the world of blocks for a little under four years. From there, he operated mostly in a supportive capacity assisting in Member Services, World of Warcraft and many other projects along the way. He has been a reliable member of our Community Management team that would assert his thoughts on moving the community forward.

His dedication to this community has never wavered and has been looked to by the Executive team many times to provide thoughts and opinions to keep us at our best. His willingness and drive to see EdgeGamers succeed along with his extensive time spent within the Community Management team made him the right choice to take on the Director of Operations. We're excited to have him in his new role supporting our other Community Managers and Leadership teams.


Wish, Community Manager - Member Experience
To support FirezFury in his role as Director of Operations, the Executive team has decided to name Wish as alternate Director of Operations while also moving her out of Overwatch into a more generalized role overseeing the global member experience. As an alternate, Wish will step into the Director of Operations role only in times of Firez's absence. Otherwise, she remains at the rank of Community Manager.

Wish was promoted to Community Manager in March of this year and has quickly left her impact on not only Overwatch but various other areas of the community. She has been quick to spearhead projects that promote a better experience for all members of EdgeGamers. With her organizational skills and vast brainstorming capability, enabling her to reach more games and projects is a necessity. A flexible support position as Community Manager overseeing the global Member Experience will allow her to partner closely with the Director of Operations and other Community Managers to see that our community members continue to receive the best experience possible.


Star, Community Manager - Overwatch
With Wish departing from her daily and direct responsibilities in Overwatch, Star has been selected to move up and continue the progress of community operations in Overwatch moving forward. Star's bold personality and passion for Overwatch has quickly propelled him through the ranks of Leadership. Originally accepting a Manager slot in March of this year, he was soon promoted to Senior Manager just three months later. Star has continued to exceed expectations making him a quick choice for the spot of Community Manager in Overwatch.


Oblixion, Community Manager - Grand Theft Auto (FiveM)
Serving as Senior Manager for nearly the last year, Oblixion has made his mark on Grand Theft Auto through not only operational work building a new concept whitelist server but also development work. When deciding to move forward with new scope and concept with a whitelisted server, Oblixion took the reigns of not only steering server and Leadership direction along side his Sr. Manager partner Aidan, but also took the reigns as one of the leading devs building out the server. Oblixion has spent countless hours on policy, player relations, and coding away to build the best experience possible. His leadership qualities and being quick to rise to the expectations of the Community Management team are just a couple of the reasons the Community Management team have offered him the top spot in Grand Theft Auto.


Gabe, Community Manager - SRE | Site Reliability Engineer (Tech)
We will keep this section in the simplest terms possible for the large majority of you that may not know how to the information technology industry functions. With the efforts of keeping things simple - Gabe has accepted a Community Manager spot overseeing an aspect of our Tech Team to ensure the smoothest operation possible of our services and systems. Gabe has been with EdgeGamers since 2011 and has literally grown up with the community. Hes found his footing and flourished within our Tech team operating along side and partnering with our Community Managers, Director of Systems and Chief Information Officer. As the Tech team continues to evolve and round out its 2021-2022 structure plan, the addition of Gabe to the Community Management team was a quick decision. We're excited to the contributions he will continue to make in our Tech team, and the new responsibilities he will be taking on in his elevated role.

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