Thoughts On COD Vanguard?

Do you enjoy Vanguard so far?

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This is the way!!!!
I wished Activision would leave the damn playlists alone in Warzone. All we need is one for Plunder, Battle Royale and Vanguard Royale each with the option of Solos, duos, trios and quads. And one or 2 special Event modes like. Resurgence or Rebirth.


Keeper of Treeception
I wish that Activision would stop breaking MW2019 every time they add something / balance / etc for Warzone. Also, I wish I could uninstall Warzone and keep playing the other games......

I hate BR games, and to force me to keep it on my PS4 but also remind me to uninstall the campaign or normal MP is just rude.


I saw this just now, and I decided it was garbage in the beta but I still decided to buy hoping something good would happen...

Yeah nothing good happened, but at least Forza Horizon 5 is fun :D
Nothing much has actually happened since then, the only reason I play it more now is because they added Shipment 24/7. I didn't play Vanguard before because the maps were garbage, and I could argue that 6V6 or more on Shipment is garbage too, but 4V4 actually plays nice. Even with that little people there's still thermite spam, shotgun spam, incendiary rounds spam, etc. Hopefully they make more good maps, because in my opinion the only decent one is Eagle's Nest.