[Suggestion] Ladies Night!


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Hello CSGO players and players everywhere!

Allow me to introduce myself. famous podcaster, frequent talker to woman, it is i, RandyPodcaster. I come to you with a great suggestion. With COVID 19 and lockdowns in place a lot of us gamers don't get out clubbing and partying like we use too because we are good citizens and continue to be apart of the 14 days to flatten the curve! I propose to you a way for all of us to have safe fun and meet woman of the CSGO community!!! A ladies night on the CSGO Surf Server!!

Blame David

i am all for this and think its a great idea but hear me out what if a guy *not me ofc* wants a safe way to meet another guy *ofc not me tho im not gay hahahaha that would be crazy hahahaha* cause i think it would be unfair if girls only get a ladies night *but again not me tho cause you know im not gay :/*


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