Counter-Strike Global Offensive TTT Server What rules would you like to see added/changed?


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I've gone ahead and included additions to the FAQ and the ruleset overall regarding the following:
  • association
  • poison gun
  • poison smoke
  • running past unID'd bodies
  • wallbanging
  • C4, jihad, tripmines
  • How to use items for all roles
  • Death and health stations
  • Traitorous guns
  • Map secrets (not t rooms)
  • Additions to commands
  • Additions to general rules
  • Added on to t-baiting
  • Added to miscellaneous rules
Nothing is finalized as I will be talking with other CS LE to get opinions on the changes. These are the changes I have added from yours and other prior suggestions.


When I first played TTT I had a few issues with the rules. I made a CL which was more or less addressed, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to bring it up again.

A small snippet of my post is the following:

Firstly I would like clarification on what you can and cannot kill off of. The degree of acts is separated into 3 categories, non-suspicious, suspicious, and traitorous. A distinct line that is under the general rules is the following:
Do not kill players based off of sound, location, or weapon. You must have DEFINITIVE proof to kill a player.
This is an interesting statement, consider it is (at least from what I understand) contradicted by the following line:
You should NOT kill carelessly and without reasonable or valid evidence or justification. You ARE considered to be careful and reasonable by identifying a number of suspicious acts below that would logically indicate they are a traitor:
So which one is the actual rule? The first one says you have to KNOW that someone is a Traitor, the second one says you have to have a number of suspicious acts that would logically indicate that they are a traitor. These two are similar for sure, but they definitely aren't the same.
An in-game example would be if you hear shooting in a room right next to you, you open the door to that room, you see a person ID'ing a body with the same gun that you heard being shot, and they are reloading. Heck, let's add on that they're holding a T weapon too.

Now, according to the first rule, I don't think I have any "DEFINITIVE" proof to kill them. I didn't see them kill the player, they ID'd the body, and they aren't using the T weapon on me.
But according to the second rule they are equipped with a traitor weapon, equipped with the same weapon used to kill the player, and they're near the body. So... can I kill them or not?

Another contradiction is that "calling a KOS on an innocent" is listed both under suspicious AND traitorous:
Calling out a KOS on someone who did not damage you first and is an innocent.
Declaring a KOS on an innocent.
How the heck does this work? What do the rules even mean here? If someone calls a KOS on someone and they turn out to be innocent, can I kill them? More importantly, "MUST" I kill them (due to them committing a traitorous act)? The same situation is listed under different categories.

Again, LE responded to this and clarified all the questions. Regardless, I do think the rules could be clarified in this area.
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