Member Relations Public Open Floor Discussion | November 28th, 2021


Member Relations Public Meeting - November 28th, 2021

Hello Everyone! Member Relations is back, here again, to say our next meeting is this Sunday, November 28th!

Before we continue, however, I'd like to share the goal of the Member Relations team in order for all of you to properly understand why we are doing these meetings.

The goal of the Member Relations team is to ensure all members within EdgeGamers are able to have a voice within the community as well as to lessen the gap between management and members/admins of the community. They will do this by reaching out to members through meetings, messages, and private conversations to ensure issues and suggestions are being noticed and dealt with appropriately. Basically, our goal is to establish a better connection between Leadership, our Members, and our Administrators.

One of the first ideas on how to do this is by hosting open floor meetings that allow issues to be brought up. These meetings will only be attended by the members of the community, the admins, and the leader of the Member Relations Team. No other leadership member will be present during this meeting. The goal for this is to allow our members to feel comfortable speaking about issues without the fear of repercussions.

This meeting will be held on Sunday, November 28th, 2021, at 8:00 PM EST (7:00 CST | 6:00 MDT | 5:00 PST | 01:00 AM GMT)

The meeting will be on DISCORD. ( It will be in the Stage Channel, which will be labeled Member Relations Public Meeting at the time!

The schedule for the meeting is as follows:

-Introduction and Explanation
-Update on MR
-Briefing on previous issues
-Open Floor

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I think it's a shame that these meetings are always posted with such short notice.
I'll try to make it