Warden Command Guide

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Hello, a suggestion was made to make a forum post on warden commands to make it simple for new wardens to get the hang of things quickly

First and most important, please read the rules at https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/321474/

Knowing the rules well is crucial for you to be a successful warden, as you need to know what you can and cannot do. Once you've read and understand the rules you can begin.

Let's start with the commands.

I'm sure most know this, but in case you don't, typing !g into chat will place you in the queue for CT. A 1:3 ratio is needed, so if you don't get into the queue right on map change, it may take some rounds before enought CT's leave to get it. Keep in mind you need to have a certain amount of play time before you can queue.

First and most important is !w. Typing !w at the round start will place you in the queue for warden. (Keep in mind this command must be placed in chat within the first 3-5 seconds of the round). Every time you get warden, your chance of getting it gets lower and must regenerate over rounds as playing as CT, so if you have 10+ CT's queuing for warden, it will take some time. Be patient

Once you get warden, you have two items that are almost necessary to warden. The first is painting a line on the floor for T's to follow. This is accomplished by typing !paint in chat once you are warden and selecting a color. Once a color is picked, press and hold E and a line will draw where you are aiming. This makes it easy for T's to follow a set path and know where to go. The second crucial command is placing markers. To place a marker, right click and select a marker color. A simple right click will make a small marker, to make a larger marker, press and hold right click and drag away from the circle and release the right mouse button once the circle has become as large as you want it to be (You cannot place markers while you are holding a scoped weapon). Keep in mind markers can only be so big. To remove a marker, right click anywhere INSIDE the marker and it will delete. Markers also delete if you move far away from them

ST (Special Treatment) & Pardon, !peace & !pardon
!st (Will pull up a list of all alive T's. Pick name to give st. I use a bind; bind kp_ins "say !st @AIM". This ST's whichever T I'm aiming at)

ST, or special treatment, can be given to a T for things such as pardon st, tp st, gun / bomb / contra st, or bloodhound ST. When giving a T ST, they turn green and are allowed to do what the warden allows. They can either be given a freeday until recalled or the warden can make them sit in a certain area of the map until recalled. Keep in mind lr MUST not guarantee !lr and you cannot give st with only 3 T's left. ST has a few restrictions, so make sure to reference the rules linked above.

Pardon, or !pardon (name) will pardon a T who is currently red from damaging a CT in some way. While most wardens just verbally say "reds are pardoned", you can remove the red from them if you wish. Not needed, but available.

Count, !count
Counting T's can be done by putting !count in chat. This will count the T's currently in front of you. Keep in mind some games have an invisible barrier which makes the count either unable to count or give an inaccurate count. This command CANNOT be used until 6:30. If you want to count before 6:30 you will have to unstack and count the old-fashioned way

Special days (!sd)
Special days can be called by placing !sd in chat. Once you type and enter !sd in chat, a menu will come up with the available special days you can pick. Special days can only be called after 4 rounds on a new map and after that special day, several regular rounds must pass before another special day can be called. A message will appear in chat informing you of how many days you have to wait before calling another special day. Several special days have rules or restrictions, so once again, reference the rules listed above.

Peace, !peace
Typing !peace into chat will mute T's and CT's for a short amount of time. If you feel you are being talked over, you can utilize !peace to mute other players. This command has a cooldown and can only be used once T's have been unmuted. If you are having issues, use @ chat to ask an admin to mute the people who are talking over you.

Pass, !pass
Typing !pass into chat will remove you from being warden and allow another CT to take warden. This should be used in rare circumstances where you need to leave or go afk for a moment and are unable to warden. Passing for no reason can result in a CT ban, so make sure the reason is valid.

Sparks, !sparks
Typing !sparks in chat will allow you to make your ammo shoot sparks on whatever object they are hitting. This was used in the past to show T's a certain object, but !paint has made this command less used.

Countdowns, !cdstart
Typing !cdstart in chat will start a countdown in chat and in the middle of your screen. When the countdown ends, a voice will say go go go. This can be used to countdown a start to a game, such as soccer or climb. You can get creative with this command.

Menu, !menu
Typing !menu in chat will pull up a menu of warden commands. Many of the commands listed above are in the menu, as are some miscellaneous commands not commonly used. I personally never use the other options in !menu and most wardens do not either. The only item in the !menu wardens usually use is to spawn a chicken and have T's try to find it in a room.

These are the basic commands needed to be a successful warden. While the gameplay aspect of being a warden is up to you, I suggest you try new things and keep it interesting for CT's and T's. Watch and learn from cringe CT Mains (@Jacko) and see what they do to make a round go smoothly.

Good Luck
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