Thank You Custom Stats


Thank You Custom Stats

Custom Stats has decided to resign from his position as Community Manager overseeing Counter-Strike. His departure leaves a big gap within the Community Management team due to the amount of work Custom took on to propel the success of CS upward. Serving as Community Manager since February of this year, Custom not only led the operational charge in CS but also spent countless hours, days, weeks and months working on behind the scenes projects as a tech contributor. Custom in nearly four years spent as a Leader within Counter-Strike, certainly left his mark building successful servers and happy players.

While we will still see him around the community as an eGO admin, we're extremely thankful for his dedication to the Counter-Strike players and EdgeGamers as a whole.

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@Custom Stats Appreciate everything you have done since pG! Definitely has impacted everyone in CS:GO, and it won't be the same without you. Best wishes in all you do.


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There would be no Counter Strike without Custom Stats. Im incredibly disappointed some of y’all are being disrespectful in the discord about his departure. While Custom was always a man of few words the guy always had determination, great ideas, and always gave the community results.

Will never forget logging on to go to work and seeing this maniac had stayed up till 4 am countless nights to fill servers when we struggled. Since Prestige Gaming he was the voice for the population of Counter Strike. He even legitimately just started doing coding work himself when nobody would do updates or fixed.

He managed effectively 60% of the community and took up assignments without being asked.

Nobody will ever understand the amount of time this dude put into the community and nobody will ever even come close to matching the amount of man hours this dude has put in.
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