Thank You Custom Stats


Thank You Custom Stats

Custom Stats has decided to resign from his position as Community Manager overseeing Counter-Strike. His departure leaves a big gap within the Community Management team due to the amount of work Custom took on to propel the success of CS upward. Serving as Community Manager since February of this year, Custom not only led the operational charge in CS but also spent countless hours, days, weeks and months working on behind the scenes projects as a tech contributor. Custom in nearly four years spent as a Leader within Counter-Strike, certainly left his mark building successful servers and happy players.

While we will still see him around the community as an eGO admin, we're extremely thankful for his dedication to the Counter-Strike players and EdgeGamers as a whole.

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Jim Burger

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I cant see CS division be the same without you Custom. you'll be missed man. best of luck


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I have insane respect and admiration for the work Custom has done, no one here will ever know the amount of work and dedication this man put in. If you already thought he did a lot, he did more.

Thank you Custom for everything you've done for eGO and Tech.


Don't worry, be happy!
@Custom Stats I absolutely must join the others and say thank you for everything. I can honestly say I always felt a strong sense of care and commitment from you for CS and the community. I always knew you were behind the scenes making order out of chaos and that is incredibly comforting. You have your reasons for stepping down, but now maybe we'll have the opportunity to connect with you on a more direct and personal level. I look forward to that. Thank you Custom for everything.

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Regardless of whether we got along or not I have a lot of respect for the work you got done in a difficult position. The servers I play on look a lot different from what did a year ago, thank you.


RIP CSGO (Tech) Division...

Certainly one of the must fun homies to be around! <3 You take care Custom, and hit me up when you wanna play some New World or Rust ;)


Although I haven’t been in eGO long, your name has been the very top tier of our community I’ve always heard about. Sad to see one of the greats go. We all wish you the best for your future


Thank you for all the work you did including checking all the banevaders. Now I dont know who to ask...


birds are cool :)
@Custom Stats The immeasurable amount of dedication to CS:GO amazes me, I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult and time consuming it must have been to fully manage such a large and problematic division in eGO. Yet here you are, enjoy your time as a member once again to its fullest.


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Fair winds and following seas!

Enjoy the retirement life Custom! Cya you on the flip side.