GTA 2021 Update


GTA 2021 Update

One year ago, we were a month into the development of the current GTA server reset. Today, our server is a place where all members can interact and create incredible storylines that will forever impact our server and success. Throughout the year, we’ve accomplished many goals that have brought us closer to discovering our true potential as a community. While we have much planned for the future of the server, and our community, we celebrate the achievements we’ve overcome thus far. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to our success over the years, whether you participated as a member of one of our specialty teams, or provided others with a welcoming environment on the server, you all play such an important role in our community. On behalf of the entire GTA staff team, we offer you our greatest gratitude, and we look forward to another incredible year.

Thanks to You

Many community members have stood out this year by putting their foot forward by their contributions to the community. We want to take an opportunity to recognize a few of the many members who help make the server the home we all appreciate.

While @Sammy3345 has taken a step back from his role in the community, it would not be right to oversee his remarkable dedication to our server. Sammy first joined the server in March of 2021, and quickly became involved in the server's growth. Almost immediately, he volunteered himself to work on the servers economy, and played a lead role for months carefully calculating and building our servers economy. Not only did he spend hours on end developing our economy, he still found the time to host events and come up with new initiatives to drive both new and current players to the server. You could always count on Sammy to create unforgettable stories and memories. It’s without hesitation that we say our server would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for Sammy.

Over the past few years, @jeremy_duck has been a large part of GTA. Through his many titles, he has impacted the community in such a positive way. If you’ve played here for more than a few weeks, it’s likely you’ve met one of his characters in game. Jeremy Duck always aims to promote a positive and welcoming environment through his daily streams and roleplay. He doesn’t hesitate to discuss topics with members and work towards a better server. Duck always makes sure the server is a place where everyone can belong. In the last year, Duck has focused lots of attention on his streams, not only building an audience, but a place where you can sit back and enjoy the server from a whole new perspective. Thank you for everything!

The Recruitment Coordinators team, who spend hours upon hours processing applications, outreaching for new members, maintaining our public threads and social media platforms. Our community grows thanks to them. If it was not for their ingenuity in structuring new ways to promote the community and onboard new players, we simply wouldn’t be able to progress forward. Their role in this community does not go unnoticed, and they truly deserve more recognition. Thank you!
@Afroman @BigLEx @coopa @Bt @Venturee @aidan @Halu

Thank you to our hard working development team. Whether it’s developing new resources, creating unique maps or working on upcoming vehicles, the hours they spend towards improving the server does not go unnoticed. This team always has the impossible tasks of meeting deadlines and pushing new content. Please join us in thanking these hard working members.
@Don @Oblixion @Lucas7yoshi @Jimothy Buckerton @Geopou @iLLusion99
* Thank you to the EdgeGamers Tech team.

Our new Specialty Team

Community Engagement Team

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce our new community team, where @iLLusion99 will be leading the charge. Our Community Engagement team is a group of members who work together to create a variety of community driven initiatives to bring together players, both new and old, and host engaging events on both the server and our discord server. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Regular and scheduled server events
  • Discord Events
    • Game nights; an event where we choose games to play together as a community. This could be anything from online browser games to various multiplayer steam games.
    • Movie nights; an event where we choose a movie to watch together.
    • Contests; Anything ranging from screenshot contests to the best character outfit!
    • Much more.
  • Forum Engagement
  • Community focused meetings
    • Choosing the development roadmap.
    • Sharing ideas and the direction of the server.

We look forward to these events and opportunities and we hope that this new platform allows us to create new memories and grow closer as a community.

Are you interested in joining this team? Contact Illusion on discord or the forums.

Our Future Plans
As we move into the new year, and the month of December, we want to share with you what we have planned over the next few months. While our roadmaps will serve as a more focused vision, we want to keep everyone involved in the servers direction and allow everyone to voice themselves.

Server Development:
  • Rework the entire medical / health system with a new death script and injury system that will allow both the player and first responders to be immersed into a whole new world.
  • Weapon overhaul. We’ve heard you! Weapons need to be reworked. We plan on working towards improving the damage, recoil and more on almost all of our guns!
  • Weapon System. Not only will we rework the weapons, we want to create a new way to obtain them. We realize that you shouldn’t have to rob a bank to get a good rifle. This is why we will be creating a new way of more easily obtaining guns!
  • New robberies; we plan on updating and reworking the entire store robbery system, sticking closer to what it should be by letting the player choose the store and sticking close to the idea of a “smash and grab”.
  • Bank Trucks and Heists. We will be reworking the bank trucks to be more strategic. Not only will you have more opportunities and options, the police will have to work harder to find the truck, and the criminals will be able to create a more engineered plan of doing the heist. We are also working on implementing new heists! Everywhere from custom missions to yacht heists, there’s going to be plenty of “big game” opportunities.
  • Prison System Rework. We are reworking the prison system to be more interactive! Prison will be a place filled with missions and tasks. Reduce your sentence but completing prison work, or play it risky with inmates to have the chance to escape! The possibilities will be endless.
  • New Civilian Jobs. Ever wanted to work in a pizza shop? How about gardening work? Maybe farming, a slaughtering job, or maybe a chicken job! Plenty of new jobs are planned for the near future. This will give you the opportunity to branch your opportunities beyond what you already do and love!
  • Fishing; it got old.. We are working on completely updating our fishing script to a new and improved version that’s more interactable and diverse!
  • Casino; Yes! The Casino is still being worked on. Want to take your gambling to a whole new level? Well, soon you will be able to spin the lucky wheel, or try your luck on the slot machines!
  • New Dispatch System. Those crazy locals, always calling the police to say how fast you're going! I think it’s time we rework that system.. Police won’t only be able to see other on-duty officers, but the entire notification system will get a rework!
  • Evidence System. We know! The current system sucks! The good news are, we’re actively exploring fixing the evidence to be more realistic and expand its possibilities for both sides!
  • Drugs. The entire system needs work, More intractability, options and avenues. Our new script will allow for various drug labs, different effects and much more!
  • Motels. Our system is always broken! Motels are fully booked because the rent system isn’t functional. We’re changing to a similar system as the housing system!
  • Vehicle Tuner / Mechanic. A new way to tune vehicles to your liking, and more options for mechanics to customize a vehicle to your liking!
  • MDT System. We know it needs work! We’re actively looking to make improvements or replace our system all together.

Dedicated Supporters:
  • We’re working on a way for Dedicated Supporters to redeem rewards directly in the city! You can expect cosmetic opportunities such as:
    • Custom License Plates
    • Extra Character Slots
    • Weapon Skins
    • Early Access to Custom Cars
    • More cosmetics!

The Return of the Roadmaps

For those who had noticed, we did not release a roadmap for the month of November. I am happy to announce that we plan to continue releasing public roadmaps every month in efforts of allowing you to not only look forward to upcoming additions and changes, but follow the development process. Our roadmap is expected to be announced at the end of every month during the last weekly meeting of said month.

As we move into December, we are excited to share this months roadmap.


Support Us

If you are interested in contributing to the server, we would be extremely grateful! Here are a few things you can do to help us succeed and grow as a community!

Vote for us on TrackyServer:

* On TrackyServer, you can perform a API vote and log into your steam account. Do /claimvote in game to claim a $1,000 reward!

Give us a testimonial on the CFX forum:

* Leave a quick testimonial on the CFX forum. Let other community members know what they can look forward to if they apply to the whitelist.

Become a Dedicated Supporter
Help keep the lights on! Dedicated Supporters help keep the servers running and ensure the longevity of the community!


We are all excited for the future of the server, and we look forward to seeing everyone online. We encourage everyone to continue voicing their opinions through our weekly meetings or on the forums. Your feedback allows us to drive the direction of the server and make any positive changes that will improve your experience. We appreciate everything you guys do for this community and we look forward to another successful year! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements during the holiday season!

@Oblixion / GTAV Leadership | Artists: @Oblixion

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