Stats Help

hey everyone, Im having problems with my stats, I type in Blue Cheese and it says theres no such person, Ive tried it a million times, can someone plz tell me how to do it and PLZ can you check it for my just to see if it works??

Stats or rank? Most likely you havent been on the server long enough to rank on the server

Ive been playing for on the server for like 8 months, I mean finding out my stats on the site, when I press EGO Stats 1 on the front page.
on the stats on the website it goes by the name you played with the most on that if you played alot before you joined ego then try the name you used before.
stats 1 is for ava

stats 2 is for donner

I had this happen to me too. You have to search by what name you have used the most so far.
I cant pull up my stats on eGO2 either... eGO1 just recently (wed. night) started showing my stats... and I have more playing time and more kills that alot of the people who are on the ranking site? Also according eGO2 no one has played since june 1st.... maybe your servers arent sending the info packets to the psychostats host? Idk.... If anyone knows why, that would be cool.

Another observation... it appears that the stats are somehow multiplied greatly. It shows that people are getting thousands of kills in the matter of a couple hours. Maybe its resending the packets multiple times making the kills and deaths add up to enormous sizes while keeping the same play time?