Counter-Strike: Global Offensive SUPER DUPER HOLIDAY GIVAWAY!!! (New Skins)


Holiday give redo.jpg

Bing Bong

Hey you, yeah you! Happy holidays! I am giving away a pretty looking Factory new StatTrak Phantom Disruptor! It's nicer than my own AK skin!
Along with that, there will be a name tag for it! Name it whatever you want! Go crazy!

@Sister Will be throwing in a Factory new Desert Eagle Code Red!!!! Sick!!
@JUULGOD27 Will be gifting a Navaja knife Rust Coat!! Woah!

I will use a random number generator to draw the winners, so everyone has a fair chance. There will be three separate winners!!
Winner 1: Factory new StatTrak Phantom Disruptor and name tag
Winner 2: Factory new Desert Eagle Code Red
Winner 3: Navaja knife Rust Coat

You must be an E tag or higher
Tag 2 or more friends in the comments and don't forget to wish em a happy holidays!
I will be announcing the winners on 12/21/21

Good luck <3
Winners were posted! Thanks to everyone who participated!
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