Well it depends on what you plan to do, you are going to be a junior right? I would take physics personally
physics, at my school we have this boat thing where you have to make a boat out of cardboard and four people have to go across an olympic sized swimming pool twice before it sinks, and of course there is a first,second,and third place winner.
its pretty awesome
so take PHYSICS!
its fun
Physics is cool. Maybe you could go on to create the Havok 3 engine for Day of Defeat: Source 2 lol.
yea, i was leaning towards Physics, it seems more useful . And i heard that environmental science is a BS class that no one looks at.
is it ap physics B or C? C is calculus based and you really gotta work hard for it bro... B is not really that different than regular physics except 2-3 different topics

I suggest C if you're serious about Physics. but if you say yeah i just wanna get done with college level basic physics B is enough

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