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Hello all, I decided to cross my fingers and hope for the best and install vista(ultimate 64). So far everything is going good except my digital vibrance keeps resetting every reboot but thats a no biggie. As soon as i booted up i went straight to task manager and noticed i had 50 damn processess running!!!! Is there any good software out to help tweak the registry and overall performance of the system?

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Hmm, i would suggest googleling this, Vista is having some major bugs lately, so i would imagine you would be able to find some usefull help on forums and things liek that.


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yeah the beta version of vista has a lot of errors. I think you should be fine though. They have plenty of updates and it should work out for you.


i just hope u didnt buy vista lol cuz thats just a waste of a couple hundred bucks im using x86 and if u google enough u will find some tweaks and some good info on this
I just parted up a system and went through many OS's. I put on 32-bit Vista and then Abuntu first. I discovered that my system only recognized 2.75 GB of my 4GB RAM I put in, and then found out it was because that's why 32-bit systems do and if I wanted to see it all, I needt oo go to 64 bit. So, I put on 64-bit versions of Vista and Ubuntu Linux. Then, I found that drivers often didn't exists at all or if they did were not clean. So, I tried to go back to 32-bit Vista, but because I'd already had a 64 bit system on, I couldn't go back to a 32 bit file system. So, I put on the 64 bit version of Windows XP and again found that driver support was poor. So, I went into the 32-bit version of the Windows XP install CD and deleted both drived and recreated them and formatted them to 32 bit. Then I installed 32 bit versions of XP and Ubuntu.