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TTT has always been my favorite CSGO server, and lately, I feel like the player base has been a little low due to various reasons in and out of our control. Whether making a post here or just talking in-game, many other TTT players have suggested adding fun plugins to TTT. RTD, for example, was a fun way to spice up the gameplay and add a little something to TTT. My suggestion would be to add one or multiple new plugins to TTT that would spice up the server coinflip, gangs, etc. (like @Jayy mentioned). To specify my suggestion, I would like to see the jump stats plugin added to TTT, such as how we have on KZ. I personally feel like movement is an underrated part of TTT and that the jump stats plugin would work well with the !mhud plugin already on the server. However, I understand that adding the jump stats plugin would only be a small change to the server, and that's why I suggest looking into other plugins as well.
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Lord. Death.

Here are some ideas, no karma change for killing during these mods tho.
And maybe give the winner like 3~9 karma depending on how many players are active during the round.
-One in the chamber: just like how it works in JB.
-Gun game: same as JB.
-Slayers: all players have 35 Health, 1.5x speed, no weapons. round ends when one player survives.
-Freeze tag: knife-only. some players are selected as detectives depending on how many players are online, those detectives have to knife others once to return to being innocent. after x seconds the detectives explode and die. and the cycle repeated till 1 innocent is left alive.
Terminator: a player is given the detective role but his job is to wipe out the Ts using the knife, the terminator should have x health depending on the count of the alive players. maybe a special player model for the terminator?
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