Merry Christmas 2021


Merry Christmas EdgeGamers! Have a spectacular day spent with friends and family (or potentially gaming.)

We’re in the giving spirit. Keep your eyes on the EdgeGamers Discord for an opportunity to get yourself an extra present.

Bravo Force

I'm on vacation for 2 weeks lol
out of the state this moment so cant play any games that's nice tho lol
but over sea situation is not so good most places are lockdown and quarantine for 10 to 14 days every foreign visitors at the hotels or some facilities worst parts you pay for yourself lmao. 10 to 14 days in quarantine WTF... after quarantine I got to back to the state,. its not right something really wrong going on the world. Oh one more thing PCR test i got to take many times to trip to other country or countries. Even you got vaccinated no matter can't skip that Quarantine. LFMAO. BTW, Happy new year for all, Be safe and Happy for 2022.