Battlefield Division For Jtipton


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A gift from a friend, a massive 34" wide screen moniter backing it up is a RTX 2060 6gb ( a gift from the wife and mother)


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Now before yall start razzing me for not having BF on there, this is the only pic I have taken and it was while the wife and I played WOW. The box it's sitting on is a analog typewriter, the side you can see there is 14", the space between the desk shelves is 26"....LOL


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Man you look like you are in the damn game! Looks great, I am jealous.


I would love to have one of the new 42" lg oled tv's with a new gen video card. I camped out at bestbuy two times hoping to get a rtx3080, they did have the 3080ti available when they got to me, but I couldn't see spending 1200 bucks for a video card. I hate crypto and the pandemic, it's like the perfect storm for gamers. I do see some hope in the future with intel getting into the video game scene. I'm old enough to remember the Voodoo cards, they made one mistake and went out of business and nvidia got all of Voodoo's intellectual property (remember (SLI). I would like to play the new BF, but how would my old 1070 stack up, maybe with everything turned all the way down I wouldn't just be cannon fodder.