Thank You, Godzilla


Thank You, @Godzilla

After shadowplaying everything that happened over in pG, and migrating over to EdgeGamers, Godzilla helped wreak havoc on the TTT server for many years. Being brought up to an O in 2018, he then helped prevent it as well. Taking his aim with him over to Rust, Godzilla filled out a Supported Game Request, and set on his new mission; bring Rust to EdgeGamers.

After showing great efforts with a well put together plan, Godzilla was promoted to Manager on April 1st, 2020 (we all thought it was an April Fools joke). With the help of some other LE members, Rust was well on its way to becoming a very popular supported game. With the servers reaching peak many times per week and even attracting nmplol (streamer) to it, it was safe to say that the game was here to stay.

Godzilla was brought up to Sr. Manager on May 23rd, 2020. There, he could work closer with the Community Manager team & help out behind the scenes more efficiently. Continuing his efforts, the community also could see how successful the server was with all of the "How to get chinook" talk going around.

On March 9th, 2021, Godzilla was offered a spot at the Community Management table and took it with open arms. Here, he was able to work directly with the CM team and executives to make sure that Rust was being the best that it could be, and continued to grow.

After a very successful year, Godzilla has decided to step down from his position as a Community Manager, and game silently as an O, continuing to shadowplay.

We thank you for everything you've done for the community, Godzilla.

Along with that, please thank @kwamaking & @AdurpAdurp for everything they've contributed as well.
Rust wouldn't be where it is now without you three.

~ Happy gaming ~

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A large terror has risen from the water, threatening to tear down all of EdgeGamers!

We are proud to announce the promotion of @Godzilla to Community Manager over Rust.

Rust has been a smash hit in EdgeGamers, with the Helicopter PVP Server pushing 80+ concurrent players, bringing in over 150+ recruits, and generating dozens of community interactions through Discord, our forums, and even MySpace.

Godzilla has been an absolute monster in EdgeGamers, and has decimated the landscape of Rust with his solid foundation of administrators, leaders, and tech members who help make our server shine.

While you hopefully won't see him tearing up your city, he is sure to make the ground shake with new announcements for Rust right around the corner.

Congratulations Godzilla!​