EdgeGamers Minecraft Discord Release!


EdgeGamers Minecraft Discord Release!

With the growing popularity of our Minecraft community, EdgeGamers would like to announce the release of our
EdgeGamers Minecraft Discord!

This discord will allow those interested in our Minecraft server to communicate with each other in a cozy community. The discord will also help Minecraft Leadership announce updates to their player base more effectively. Some more benefits of the Minecraft Discord server are listed below:

• A VC full of welcoming people that is active most of the day
• 3 Tiers of Server Boosting Perks
• An Idle Mining simulation game
• Announcements for Minecraft patch notes
• A ticket support system
• And More!

What are you waiting for, join our Minecraft Discord now!

Art: @heidi | Writing: @sabo

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Thanks... I guess? Just a question though, do the people in your discord server know how to make minecraft servers? Honestly though, minecraft is getting a bit boring to me and I've been looking for other servers. You know what they say, a personal server is an universe of your own. That's why I'm very much interested in exploring other people's servers. Btw, I did find a list of minecraft prison servers for anyone who's into this formar. I've tested out some of these myself and I really like them
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