I miss you


I feel this is an appropriate place to share this memory! This is the only screenshot I have from the DoD:S days. So many names I haven't seen in a while! Hope they're doing okay.



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I miss playing DOD:S with the regulars. My favorite map was KALT. I'd battle with London Blitz in the sewers. I had so much fun on the EGO servers...


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It was a nade glitch. There were corners near spawn that would suck up your grenade and kill everyone in spawn. We were very busy enforcing w/k/b for it.

Yea it reminded me of the cs 1.6 glitch where you can throw grenades thru walls in spawn and hit the enemy


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I never saw that glitch. It must have been corrected by the time I started playing DODS.


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Ever since I got a new pewpew, the game feels different from a crappy laptop. I've launched it maybe twice in a year. Still interesting to find some communities still going though.