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From personal experience I think a specific upgrade in the gun store needs a major buff, the upgrade I'm talking about is the "Truck Capacity". I think this upgrade needs the percentages increased or the price lowered way! down for the price of $10,000 which is already 40% of what you payed you get a insulting 5% increase for your truck capacity which is actually ridiculous, for example after the 1st upgrade you wont actually be able to carry any additional items in your truck so $10,000 for nothing, not only that if you go through with all 5 upgrades you will only be able to carry 1 more shot gun a couple more ammo boxes and the larges product increase you will receive is 1/2 dozen for some of the melee. To make you money back you'd have to play an unreasonable amount of time to pay back the almost $100,000 to get the shop to that point as well. This is why I think this specific upgrade needs a major buff increasing the percentages to: star 1-price $10,000-10%, star 2-price $10,000-20%... star 5-price $10,000-50%, or by lowering the prices to about $1000 would be reasonable. this would make stores way more enjoyable to do import, export so players that purchase stores away from high pop density locations like in Paleto could still make their money back instead of relying sourly on player traffic and making the "Truck Capacity" upgrade worth you money.

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Thank you for the suggestion @Jeibrd,

I will forward this to the dev team. I can not say this will 100% happen, but they will try.

Please give us some times as the dev team does have a lot on their hands right now.


gun store is already money printing machine.
think it wouldnt hurt if the upgrade price got put down to 5k though


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Hey @Jeibrd

So I have gone ahead and reduced the upgrade cost from $10,000 to $5,000. It should be pushed in the next changelog.