Interview Public Safety Application - Jimmy Smallwood


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Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Character Full Name:
Jimmy Smallwood
Your Timezone:
Preferred Shift:
What's your character's backstory?:
Jimmy is a good chap was very chipper for most of his life, one day he was leaving a showing of Jekyll and Hyde with his parents when a robber held them up and shot and killed his parents. From that day on Jimmy swore he would bring justice to wherever he stands.
Why is your character looking to join the San Andreas Department of Public Safety?:
Jimmy is a bastion of justice
Provide a brief description of your characters primary personality traits.:
Bold, Stern, Stands behind his decisions, Logical, Quick on the feet, and vigilant
Do you have a criminal record?:
Do you have traffic infractions?:
Have you held a position in Emergency Services previously?:
How many months/years were you in your position?:
2 weeks
Why are you joining the selected department?:
Jimmy's personality practically screams that he is a cowboy so why not join the sheriffs and clean up these parts of all the criminal scumbags.
Please provide us with one single reason you are the right fit for this department.:
Personally I believe that I am capable of some decent roleplay and think I can have some real good interaction and fun as a man of the law.



San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Human Resources

Jimmy Smallwood,

Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. The recruitment team has received your application for the Blaine County Sheriffs Office. After reviewing your application, we have determined that we would like to proceed with your application for an interview. Please meet any member of Human Resources at your earliest convenience for an interview at MRPD.


Hours Of Operation: (Eastern Time Zone)
Monday-Sunday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

If you wish to interview outside those hours, please reach out to a member of Human Resources.

If needed, you can reach me via discord: Halu#0101

Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be canceled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

Zach Edwards,
Blaine County Sheriff's Department
SADPS Human Resources
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Beautiful, I wont be around today 1/15 due to work but Sunday I am available and will get in touch!