hey check these hits out!!! And tell of any hard hits you've made. One time I did I grabbed the dudes collar, spun and flung in on the ground. I did that twice that year, and I'm famous on my team for it.


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These really don't seem that painfull. I don't play football, but if they get up after a hit it couldn't hurt that much.


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most of those arent that spectacular although some of them were pretty nice hits. i had one where one of our linebackers caught an interception and i basically threw myself in front of two guys that were running towards him so he could gain some yardage.

major props on that n_n


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i attempted to crab block one time and flipped a guy, made him to a front flip..all i tried to to was block lol


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i hated crab blockers. with a passion. i always thought that it was a cheap way to take ur opposite out.
I rammed some guy in the private parts with my helmet out of nowhere.

I'm not even going to say innuendo here