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Hello everybody, Beffery Jezos / Bad Robot reporting in.

I figured with how active I am on the CSS Dust2 server that I should post a reintroduction here. my childhood addiction to 007 Nightfire is probably how i ended up purchasing CSS in the first place. I first started playing CSS back in 2012, very quickly discovered the =(eGO)= italy server as well as the office server and became instantly hooked. Some of my fondest memories were formed on =(eGO)= servers. Some of the 5-man's we ran on iMak's server still seem super fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, i dont get to play as often as my 12-to-13-year old counterpart, mostly due to the fact that I spend lots of time creating graphic designs on the side and studying for certifications as I currently work as a Data Center Tech in VA.
regardless, I still plan on playing semi-regularly, you know what they say - old habits die hard indeed.
It's very nice to be back, if you see me on the server feel free to say hello!
Feel free to direct your questions/comments/concerns to my PMs, or directly on steam Here.

-Beffery Jezos
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Welcome back. I'd love to work in a data centre. Maybe when I go into a second career, some day.

I miss Italy and Office a lot too. Such classic maps.