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Teamspeak or Discord?

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Adam is a Ding Dong
Not that this was gone for very long but here it is! Back again with another karaoke night! Coming at you live on January 28th!

Just like last time I'm going to put a poll on this post about where it should be held. I'm going to continue to do this in the future until the majority goes one way or the other. Take your pick and place your bets!

As usual, here are the rules:
1. Do not queue your mic while others are singing. We engage in a hobby that attracts the most socially awkward of individuals and getting up to sing in front of 30-40 strangers can scare the heck out of anyone. Please make it easier by keeping your mic muted and/or enabling push-to-talk. If repeat offenses occur, perpetrators will be globally muted.

2. Songs must adhere to the EGO guidelines. Yes, you can swear. No, you cannot use derogatory slurs. Use your head. If your song does not adhere to EGO guidelines, you will be globally muted. Further intentionally-inappropriate songs will follow w/k/b as inappropriate or inflammatory rhetoric. If you have to ask if it's appropriate, it's probably not.

3. Please keep your songs under 5 minutes. I know, One Day More is a classic. But in the interest of ensuring everyone has a chance, we have to keep the line moving. If your song is longer than Bohemian Rhapsody, you will probably want avoid it.

4. Let the room know when you are finished. Some songs fade out, and that's totally cool. We don't want to interrupt you mid-November Rain because you get quiet all of a sudden, so make sure you let us know when your song has concluded!

5. This event is password-protected for a reason. Every one of us has those friends that we love, but can get somewhat rowdy. We want to get as many people here as we can, but not at the expense of the rest of us. Make sure the friends you invite are aware of the rules and intend to follow them. (This rule is subject to change should the event be in discord)

There is also an award for singing at this event. Sing for the first time, give me your forum name, and our lovely mother DrkChocolate will be there to grant it to you. (Awards are finally back on the forums! Woohoo!)

See you nerds there :)

Also... don't vote on the poll if you're not gonna be there. Use your head.


Adam is a Ding Dong
This is TOMORROW and discord is winning by a good margin. We look forward to seeing you there :)